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Leggiadro, Natuzzi


A model with an unmistakable design, Leggiadro is characterized by a light, distinctive look. The armrest has a unique “wing” shape and is finished by a border around the edge. The sofa rests on two metal bridges with a sophisticated, elegant design, available in a unique matt black finish. Equipped with an electric mechanism with a double motor, which can be operated with a button panel on the inner side of the armrest to adjust the headrest and footrest to your liking.


Tucana, Kian

Never again feel you have to decide between the beauty and warmth of wood and the sensual softness of fabric. Enjoy both in the Tucana Chair. The front-facing backrest and seat are attractivaly upholstered while the back and legs of the chair show off the charm of beech or oak wood. Little details matter too: a small hole in the wooden backrest makes for easier handling of the chair.


Evia, Doos

Evia, our multi-environment creation is a chair that has different versions according to the needs of its user. There are versions with structure in ash or beech wood, as well as steel versions with chrome finish, textured or painted fixed or rotating structures. Its casing in all versions is made of injected and upholstered polyurethane.


Malena, Kian

Around a ring some different steel bent rods are placed composing one of our most original and fresh designs. Made of powder coating painted steel and available in different colours, the Malena chair is suitable to be used outdoors.


Talento, Natuzzi

Style always gets noticed; and style is the room with the Talento sofa.
Its retro design is made to stand out, especially when assembled in one of its special configurations.
The versatile Talento collection also included a loveseat and a chair, each with metal legs and matching walnut finish.


Iman, Candelah

Iman is a luminaire created to be able to accompany you anywhere. With help of a steel surface and a magnetic base, its non-permanent fixing system ensures that you can use it fixed in its structure or you can take it wherever you need it. It also has a battery with which you only need to put it in the base to recharge it. Its aesthetic is inspired by the ancient lanterns used by the mine workers in their daily fight for snatching away the heart to the earth. It is modern, elegant, minimalist and useful.

Dana, Kian

With soft sensual curves in all the right places ranged up against the solid straightness of a strong frame, this reinterpretation of a Scandinavian classic design has an arresting presence. Dana’s beguiling allure is heightened by its petite build and lightness of weight.


Adela, Kian

The traditional ideal of an aluminium and wood chair is reworked in the Adela, with softly rounded edges and a little broader on all sides for extra comfort.


Birdie, Kian

There’s something playful about the Birdie chair. Ingeniously combining the traditional concept of a single rounded backrest with contemporary doublesingle legs, Birdie brings to mind a charming little bird confidently balanced on a branch. The veneered plywood of the backrest gives this delightful side chair unsurpassed comfort. See it in beech or oak, with upholstered or veneered plywood seat.


Gotcha, Ooland

Collection with seat and back of injected polyurethane or translucent polycarbonate combined with chromed steel or solid beech wooden bases. Of generous proportions and peculiar backrest decoration "Gotcha" is the best expresion of the discreet charm of the elegant things.


Arrow, Candelah

With life way allegory We have given to the arrow a significant part where it represents the way where humans follow goals and dreams, always hoping to find their personal light. Arrow is a fun light piece that plays with your subconscious, which you can find and catch light transmitted through it.


Plato, Candelah

This Light with bright and modern finishes is perfect to be part of any type of ambient thanks to its elegance and personality. Plato is inspired by the classic UFO comics of the 50s and 60s but follows the aesthetics of the conventional lamp, which makes this combination a distinguished and contemporary touch for the space. It is made of modeled glass, steel and polycarbonate, as well as being available in some trendy finishes such as chrome or pink gold. You can have it in the categories of pendant lamps, floor and table.


Bell, Candelah

Bell is like a drop of light coming down from the sky. Likewise, it comes to give a different, sensual and beautiful detail to each place. Its rounded shape was perfectly designed to take advantage of whimsical light diffusion transmitted through the glass. Bell spreads a rain of lights and shadows that give it a special attraction to places.


Cap, Kian

The Cap is a fun outdoor furniture item that serves two purposes. Sit on it as a stool, but turn it upside down and watch it transform into a flower pot. It’s a single design with a choice of two different materials, depending on its intended use. Choose LLDPE for lighter, easier transport from place to place as well as for more colourful options (ideal for events). Or opt for the cement version for more permanent placements.

Selva, Natuzzi


Selva collection is a combination of Futurism and Art Noveau, it expresses the unique beauty of the Apulian nature, a feast of colors, an enchanting landscape kissed by the sun.


Pure, Doos

Pure collection is a search for simplicity who remains traditional chairs. Its contained and light proportions, soft and compact dimensions and lines perfectly convey the concept of a chair that speaks an universal language.


Poet, Corporate Identity


Candelah, Corporate Identity


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