Enrique Martí Associates is a multidisciplinary design studio born in March 2013 by Enrique Martí, industrial designer with a vast experience in Design and Product Development.

Our main target is to offer to all our customers a comprehensive design service from the new products development to everything about the corporate image, communication, product management and design consultancy.

For that, in addition to our own efforts we have a wide network of professionals and external partners with whom we can boast of being a team that can meet any need with regards to global design.

We think we are very fortunate to be working in what makes us happiest creating, modeling, solving problems. Shaping day after day everyday items that we hope will help to make life easier and our environment much more warm, humane and friendly.


Enrique Martí Associates

C. Profesor Blanco, 7, Bajo
46014 Valencia (Spain)
+34 960 721 484



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